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The Physicians of the Hand center want to share this list of articles and links.

This list includes articles that address certain patient questions as well new and current issues that may arise in the context of patient care. Our feeling is that an informed and up to date physician and patient make for better treatment and care.

Heat or Cold?

  • Heat or cold, hotpack or ice pack? These are common questions asked after injury, to relieve stiffness, after surgery. As any answer there is a  simple way to explain it but when dealing with a complex set of medical circumstances one answer does not always apply for all.
  • Simply stated warm up and cool down means that when you are stiff, and sore that warmth will generally help and after activity or something recent such as injury or surgery, cold will help reduce swelling and pain and inflammation.
  • However the way in which we apply cold or heat can have significant side efects and after effects. Thus speak to your doctor to clarify how to safely do this depending upon the phase of or timing of an injury or treatment or condition you are in.
  • for more detailed infomation here is an article from the Journal of Hand Surgery

Herpetic Whitlow

More References and Sources

  • American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH)
  • Orthogate (Orthogate is an Orthopedic web portal that enables internet searches on any orthopedic topic)
  • Congenital Limb Differences is a web site for children and families with congenital limb differences. Information and support groups dealing with amputation, finger and hand abnormalities, fused fingers, absent fingers and hands, radial club hand, thumb pollicization and other topics. Lower extremity problems of the leg and foot are also discussed.
  • - An electronic listing of hand anatomy from e-hand.